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For further information about the BEBCRF and/or blepharospasm and its related disorders, please contact:

Benign Essential Blepharospasm Canadian Research Foundation, Inc.

Toronto, ON Canada

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Our Foundation is dedicated to disseminating information to those afflicted with Benign Essential Blepharospasm, Cranial Dystonia (Meige Syndrome) and Hemifacial Spasm. We want those people, their families and their caregivers to know that we are available to assist them by directing them to the various Medical Professionals who are knowledgeable about BEB and its related disorders.

Please share this contact information, or the address of this website.

Printed Brochures Available

The Foundation has prepared a full-colour brochure outlining its activities and services. Doctors or patients can request printed copies of the brochure by simply writing or phoning us, or by clicking here to request brochures by email.